Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mia Maestro 'Blue Eyed Sailor'

I stumbled across this video the other week on Vimeo Staff Picks, and instantly fell in love with the concept. The woman covered head-to-toe in body paint matches and blends with the background so well and works perfectly, there are many points where you actually can't see Mia in the video. 

Can you see her?

The video may seem old now for me to share it, however a colleague at work mentioned this technique therefore I had show him, which of course made me decide to share it on my blog.

If you love body art, and the technique of making someone become invisible with the background imagery, then you will love this video from Mia Maestro. I am sure the technique has a name for it...if you know it let me know.

Watch the full video here. And let me know your thoughts.

MH x

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