Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MGMT - 'Life Is A Lie'

Just recently I was having a binge of classic music videos from the past, the list was endless. One of the videos was Battles' 'Ice Cream' from the every-so-awesome directing duo, Canana.

I don't remember the time when the video was released (I was probably yet to start listening to Battles). However, since making music videos and discovering this gem I have always loved it. I just love the shear randomness of the video, how many different elements they managed to squeeze into one video.

I have kind of walked off course for this post...but anyway once I first watch the new video from MGMT 'Life Is A Lie' it instantly reminded me of that video from Battles. There are plenty of random elements giving the idea of randomness, a crying rock, talking dolphin, a old man eating a banana. I think it's fantastic!

I really want to (and I will) make a music video like this some day. Which reminds me, my latest music video for Creatures Of Love will be released end of this month...and it's our best yet!

Watch the MGMT video here.

MH x

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