Thursday, 7 March 2013

Public Service Broadcasting 'Signal 30'

I have been working for Radar Music Videos since the start of 2013, taking control of their social media. I love this job, as I get to see many great music videos, which of course helps feed inspiration for my own music videos.

I watch all the videos that get commissioned through Radar (since I have started working for them), and of course like anything, one video may impress me more than others. Yesterday I was creating engagement for our latest commission through Radar, Public Service Broadcasting's new video 'Signal 30' directed by Alex Kemp, and the video grabbed my attention straight away.

Instantly the main focus on my attention was the grade to the video, I love the sepia retro tone when it's achieved right, and when it makes sense to use. This video ticks both those boxes, their music consists of old public recordings of media (radio, TV etc..). 

Secondly I loved the concept to the video with the TV screens, all the retro screens showing low quality images, and the location was brilliant. The scenes of the TV's approaching the floor to smash was so gripping, you are left waiting for the next cut to show the end result. 

A great video to watch and enjoy, what are your thoughts?

In case you haven't realised already, my blog is changing slightly. All my posts from now on will try to consist of video content. 

MH x

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