Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tuesdays Tech: App review, Vine

Last week I downloaded the new social networking app, Vine. This app lets you share moments in your life with short looping videos. At first, I believed this sounded a little too similar to the app, Cinemagram. Simply turning stop-motion gifs into nice loopings videos.

However, with Vine the video element is key to making the app better, far more interesting and fun! You get to keep the sound in the videos, and it makes the experience highly amusing. Effectively giving you a short glimpse into peoples lives within your phone.

Going deeper into the filming the short looping videos, you can pause at any moment in the recordings, therefore making edits in the video to make short narratives.

I am thoroughly looking forward to see people producing snappy short films in the app, or perhaps small sketches.....or what how about a short comedy or drama series within the app. The possibilities are endless, and quite exciting.

So far, I am seeing a lot of cats and dogs larking around, just like my profile. However, once people get the hang of how the app works. I believe things are going to become real creative.

Have you got the app?

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