Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fenixx starting to make waves...

Yesterday I announced on here the official release of Kid Champions new music video, made by me and Matthew Connell under Fenixx (as usual) for their new track 'Under Your Bed' off their new EP. The official release for the video was executed so well over Facebook, everyone was sharing the post within minutes from the Fenixx Facebook page, giving us lots of positive feedback. Including people at work, as I of course shared it amongst all my colleagues.

Then in the evening the video was posted on Promo News! Now, this is HUGE for me and Connell as Fenixx. We have been wanting this moment for so long now, and to have it finally happen it's almost unbelievable. However, trying to not sound too arrogant, this post on Promo News is well deserved. We have both work very hard over these last few years developing our talents as music video makers. 

I was so happy to see this!

We are of course very grateful this has happened, and we are both extremely excited to what this will bring for the future of Fenixx. It's amazing how far we have come together since meeting on the first day of college at South Downs, and making a video together 2 weeks later for our first piece of coursework.

I am very excited to find out how 2013 will continue, and how my career in the media will develop. 

MH x 

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