Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tuesday Tunes: New David Bowie!

The glam-rock legend, David Bowie has not released any new material for 10 years, until today. He has officially released a new single called, 'Where Are We Now?' which will be on the new album set to released in March (expected 12th) called 'The Next Day'.

The new single from Bowie is a very quiet and mellow song of him simply singing over a piano, giving the song a sense of a ballad, it's nice and peaceful. Keeping with Bowies well known glam-rock conetemporay feel, the music promo released with the new single is an intriguing watch, see below. A great use of video projections.

This news to me is great (not as a huge David Bowie fan) I love how he can simply hide away from everything for 10 years, then simple come back into the music sense unannounced and released all this new material as if nothing happened, and still be on top form. Of course the hardcore fans can tell me if that last statement is true or not.

You can download 'Where Are We Now?' and preorder the new album here.

What do you think of the return on David Bowie, and perhaps who else do you think will return unannounced later into 2013?

MH x

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