Friday, 18 January 2013

The start to a rustic home

Unfortunately no Film Review Friday post today, as I didn't get to see anything new this week, although I will mention this.... My housemate went to see to see Les Misérables on Wednesday night. He came back to the flat, sat on the sofa and said. 'Do not go and see Les Misérables, it's fucking awful. All they do is sing!' - Of course me and my other housemate, instantly went into fits of laughter. It surprises me how sheltered he can be from things...I hope that made you laugh.

Anyway, today I wanted to do a quick post about a purchase for my bedroom the other day. I really needed a shoe-rack and from hunting around the internet for a nice one. I stumbled across the company Crates 4 U, looking past the company name they sell some really nice apple crates of different sizes for your home, and a very resemble price. They look great in the corner of any home I think, and thanks to Pinterest my obsession for rustic home furnishings has grown out the window, I wanted one right away.

The shoe-rack sits next to my bed, and looks great. However, I should have brought the slightly deeper design, to make my shoes not poke out as much. This is not a problem, as I will be buying more from them, they're so great. Therefore I will definitely find a use for this one.

My next purchase from them will be a vertical design, to hold my DVD collection.

What do you think of them, are you going to buy them?

MH x

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