Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tech Tuesday: Temple Run 2

If you own an iPhone and actively play games on the smart phone, then you must of heard of and played the game, Temple Run. The fun field game of running forward through an Indian Jones themed world, escaping some evil creatures whilst jumping over obstacles. The game was great, but in the end became a little tiresome and repetitive. With people racking up ridiculously high scores in the millions and numbers which I didn't know existed.

Fortunately there is a new version, thankfully simply named Temple Run 2 (I can't stand sequels with stupid names). The game has the same principle of running forward through the Indian Jones world whilst escaping the evil monsters whilst avoid obstacles. HOWEVER, the game has been revamped from the ground up. The graphics are practically the same, but with added depth to the game. You run over hills and dodge running rivers that could whisk you away and some obstacles require you to jump and grab onto a robe and slide along to the next piece of the map, and evening jumping in mine cars and racing down a track.

These new touches give the game a whole new level of greatness, making you feel more part of the action, willing your little man up and down, back and forth through the obstacles.

However, I will say there this a huge flaw for the moment, the app tends to freeze. You are continuously falling off the map due to the app freezing random moments for a split second. A game that requires lightning reactions this is not ideal.

I tried using the app with no internet connection with 'Airplane Mode' switched on, however these freeze moments are still happening  This could be due to my iPhone being the lower model 4 compared to the all singing 5. However they still need to release an update to make amends, as it is a very big problem.

Are you having the same issue?

MH x

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