Monday, 14 January 2013

Escalated and then productive weekend

Over the weekend I enjoyed a night out with some friends from university in my local area of Wimbledon. We started off at my flat (got to start at home it's cheaper). To then move on into Wimbledon town for a few quiet ones in a pub. Of course after more drinks were consumed the idea of staying out later was becoming an excellent idea. We decided on exploring a club further down the town called, The Watershed.

At first I wasn't too interested to attend this club, predominately because I always get tired and bored too easily in a club (mainly due to awful music). However, this was not the case with this place.

They had two rooms, one for current dance music in the charts, naturally I stayed clear of this room. And a second room which was pumping out all these classic, pop music from the 90s and then some older classics (Michael Jackson, House of Pain).

This kind of music in a club is my guilty pleasure, that music is instantly recognised by everyone, therefore in my eyes (and ears) more enjoyable. Me, Lauren and my friends were dancing practically the whole night until the club had to close for the night...I was loving it! It's great how much fun can occur from last minute planning.

Look at us all having fun!
The Sunday of course started off with everyone feeling a little fragile, until we each consumed a bacon and sausage baguette, cooked by myself. The rest of the day panned out with next to no productivity, simply lounging around watching TV.

My evening was different as I headed for Clapham Common to film a comedy night at a pub called, The Jam Tree for a new upcoming website for comedians called Joke Pit. The pub was very nice, it had recently been refurbished and under new owners. The pub garden looked great, I have to attend again properly in the summer months. The main feature I loved was the room for the comedy is behind a secret door in a bookcase. I took a photo, but didn't really give it justice.

I managed to get the door half closing at least
Check out the Joke Pit website, it's excellent and their expecting big things for 2013.

How was your weekend?

MH x

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