Monday, 21 January 2013

British Snow

Of course this weekend like the whole of England I went outside and enjoyed the freak blanket of snow that swept across England. Me and Lauren went out into Wimbledon Common which looked so nice with all the snow, it looked like we were walking through a Christmas card (Lauren said that, I had to mention it as it's such a good comparison).

We took a walk round thinking how it looked so fake that we have received so much snow in such a short period of time, England very rarely receive this much. I of course took my camera out with me, and took some shots...expect a video on my YouTube channel in the next weeks.

Walking further into the woods, we stumbled across a huge hill that had been frozen over. It was covered in families with their children continuously sledging down. It was a fantastic to witness, I would guess around 30+ families were on this hill, with their kids shooting down the hill on their sledges, from a distant it looked like ants climbing up and down.

It was nice to see for this modern time we live, with games consoles and smartphones, that children do appreciate the outdoors and how much fun you can still have in real life. When I have kids I will certainly taken them sledging when it snows.

Unfortunately me and Lauren didn't have a sledge, we tried to buy one in Wimebledon town the following day when to snow arrived even thicker, but with no luck. We returned to the frozen hill, and watched more people have their fun with our sad faces that we didn't have a sledge to join in.

See...a christmas card! 

Just look at all those kids loving it!

I wanted to join in so bad!

I took a video of the people sledging, I think this gives it justice.

Did you have fun in the snow?

MH x

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Lauren said...

Such a good weekend! xxx