Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I was loving the sudden outburst of snow England received at the start of this year, I always feel it makes everything look so nice and peaceful. You can read about it more in this blog post.

Whilst it snowed I had to capture the moment on camera, and here is a quick I made of the experience. I hope you enjoy!

MH x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Start to a record collection

For a few years now I had the idea to start a record collection, and now that idea has become a reality thanks to Lauren kindly buying my first one as a Christmas present last year.

I am looking forward to see how this record collection progresses and already I am a slightly addicted. I love looking over eBay to see what is out there available. Looking at my list it does look a little small at the moment, due to my finances. But hey...these things take time, there is no rush.

This is what Lauren got me, a personal favourite of ours!

Can't wait to play this one with I get the speakers
Of course I do play these records, with my lovely wooden Rottel record player, which again was a purchase from eBay. However, I am currently on the look out for speakers  which again is taking time due to finances.

Do you have a record collection, or do you have plans to start one?

MH x

Monday, 28 January 2013

One busy weekend!

This weekend Fenixx had a job which helped to fit us further into the serious company bracket. We were asked to be camera crew to film the pilot for the new online videos for Club NME at Koko in Camden.

The job was a lot of fun, me and Connell were in our element running around the venue with our cameras in hand thanks to the access all area passes. We filmed some interviews with performing bands, thanks to Silas from Kid Champion for taking on the role of interviewee. The bands performing were Sons and Lovers and China Rats, both unsigned bands, and both very good. I am sure things are looking promising for them in 2013.

A nice ariel shot i got of Sons and Lovers
After the shoot me and Connell were very happy with our work, looking over the rushes (unedited footage) on the laptop it all looked amazing. We believe this is going to be our best job to date. I can't wait to show you the final cut.

This all happened on the Friday night and Saturday followed with a really nice chilled day in South Kensington with Lauren. We went to look around the V&A, which I have never been to before. There was some excellent exhibitions on. My favourite was the 'Halfway to Paradise: Photographs by Harry Hammond' exhibition. A selection of photographs from the 50s and 60s depicting the music scene. I love that era of music, and Harry Hammond had captured it so well. Using his camera to capture the perfect behind the scenes moments from the music icons.

My arty shot at the V&A
Saturday evening me and Lauren went to Carluccios for our first time, and that was bloody amazing. I love a good authentic Italian restaurant, and this one certainly fits the criteria. I had the venison tortellini, and it was delicious.

Sunday carried on the chain of chilledness in the flat, cooking up a nice fry and kicking back with the next instalment of the Harry Potter saga which we are currently working through.

Followed by me going to Jam Tree again to film another night for Joke Pit. Which was another great evening of comedy. However, I will say the host was the worst of the bunch, his comedy resulting to reading jokes from Twitter...not sure if that is your own material mate.

How was your weekend?

MH x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Film Review Friday: Gangster Squad [2013]

This week me and Lauren went to see Ruben Fleischer's, 'Gangster Squad'. Before going to see the film I received no information, of course I knew it was a gangster film, that was a no brainer and that it was set in the 50s but that was it, I entered the cinema with a completely open mind.

The film is based on a true and very basic storyline about a secret crew of police officers led by two determined sergeants to work together with an effort to take down the gangster mob king, Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) who runs Los Angeles.....and that's basically it. Oh, and the police officers have family lives at home to consider.

Because of this basic no brainer (apologies) storyline it was a given the film would be full of entertainment value to keep the viewer engaged. This certainly worked, with high violence scenes with blood and gore, and of course the impressive cast. The sudden heart throb Ryan Gosling, who fitted the role as the young police officer well, and the gorgeous Emma Stone (to name a few).

For me the props and wardrobe department was keeping me engaged. I love live action that has been set in the 50s, the style always looks so nice on screen making every shot look great through the camera lens. But I have to say, some scenes had a real vibrance to them, effectively making the actors look unrealistic.

The film is well produced gangster film, which is highly entertaining, and I was glad it was short and sweet  However, I don't think it will go down in history as being one of the great gangster films, against the big guns, such as The Godfather and Good Fellas.

Have you seen it, what did you think?

More film reviews.

MH x 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

18 Cupcakes in 80 Seconds

Last week I showed you how to make 2 cups of tea in 30 seconds. Well this week I thought about sticking with this theme of speedy cooking, and went for a baking video.

This time to show you it is possible to make 18 cupcakes in 80 seconds, that should be a world record!

Do you reckon you can beat my attempt?

MH x 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tech Tuesday: Temple Run 2

If you own an iPhone and actively play games on the smart phone, then you must of heard of and played the game, Temple Run. The fun field game of running forward through an Indian Jones themed world, escaping some evil creatures whilst jumping over obstacles. The game was great, but in the end became a little tiresome and repetitive. With people racking up ridiculously high scores in the millions and numbers which I didn't know existed.

Fortunately there is a new version, thankfully simply named Temple Run 2 (I can't stand sequels with stupid names). The game has the same principle of running forward through the Indian Jones world whilst escaping the evil monsters whilst avoid obstacles. HOWEVER, the game has been revamped from the ground up. The graphics are practically the same, but with added depth to the game. You run over hills and dodge running rivers that could whisk you away and some obstacles require you to jump and grab onto a robe and slide along to the next piece of the map, and evening jumping in mine cars and racing down a track.

These new touches give the game a whole new level of greatness, making you feel more part of the action, willing your little man up and down, back and forth through the obstacles.

However, I will say there this a huge flaw for the moment, the app tends to freeze. You are continuously falling off the map due to the app freezing random moments for a split second. A game that requires lightning reactions this is not ideal.

I tried using the app with no internet connection with 'Airplane Mode' switched on, however these freeze moments are still happening  This could be due to my iPhone being the lower model 4 compared to the all singing 5. However they still need to release an update to make amends, as it is a very big problem.

Are you having the same issue?

MH x

Monday, 21 January 2013

British Snow

Of course this weekend like the whole of England I went outside and enjoyed the freak blanket of snow that swept across England. Me and Lauren went out into Wimbledon Common which looked so nice with all the snow, it looked like we were walking through a Christmas card (Lauren said that, I had to mention it as it's such a good comparison).

We took a walk round thinking how it looked so fake that we have received so much snow in such a short period of time, England very rarely receive this much. I of course took my camera out with me, and took some shots...expect a video on my YouTube channel in the next weeks.

Walking further into the woods, we stumbled across a huge hill that had been frozen over. It was covered in families with their children continuously sledging down. It was a fantastic to witness, I would guess around 30+ families were on this hill, with their kids shooting down the hill on their sledges, from a distant it looked like ants climbing up and down.

It was nice to see for this modern time we live, with games consoles and smartphones, that children do appreciate the outdoors and how much fun you can still have in real life. When I have kids I will certainly taken them sledging when it snows.

Unfortunately me and Lauren didn't have a sledge, we tried to buy one in Wimebledon town the following day when to snow arrived even thicker, but with no luck. We returned to the frozen hill, and watched more people have their fun with our sad faces that we didn't have a sledge to join in.

See...a christmas card! 

Just look at all those kids loving it!

I wanted to join in so bad!

I took a video of the people sledging, I think this gives it justice.

Did you have fun in the snow?

MH x

Friday, 18 January 2013

The start to a rustic home

Unfortunately no Film Review Friday post today, as I didn't get to see anything new this week, although I will mention this.... My housemate went to see to see Les Misérables on Wednesday night. He came back to the flat, sat on the sofa and said. 'Do not go and see Les Misérables, it's fucking awful. All they do is sing!' - Of course me and my other housemate, instantly went into fits of laughter. It surprises me how sheltered he can be from things...I hope that made you laugh.

Anyway, today I wanted to do a quick post about a purchase for my bedroom the other day. I really needed a shoe-rack and from hunting around the internet for a nice one. I stumbled across the company Crates 4 U, looking past the company name they sell some really nice apple crates of different sizes for your home, and a very resemble price. They look great in the corner of any home I think, and thanks to Pinterest my obsession for rustic home furnishings has grown out the window, I wanted one right away.

The shoe-rack sits next to my bed, and looks great. However, I should have brought the slightly deeper design, to make my shoes not poke out as much. This is not a problem, as I will be buying more from them, they're so great. Therefore I will definitely find a use for this one.

My next purchase from them will be a vertical design, to hold my DVD collection.

What do you think of them, are you going to buy them?

MH x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

How to make 2 cups of tea in 30 seconds

The other week I had the random idea to turn a simple task of making cups of teas into a quick fire jump-cut-stop-motion-animation, if that is even a thing....well it is now! 

What you think of it? How mental if the world worked like this with simple meaningless tasks. 

MH x 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tech Tuesday: Your new favourite app, Ruzzle!

Do you remember last year when everyone was playing the game, 'Word With Friends' and loving it. I remember this and it was great fun, however all things come to an end, therefore the hype for the app gradually faded.

Well there is a new kid on the block to fill the 'addictive game of the moment' hole, and it goes by the name of 'Ruzzle'. Just like Words With Friends, the game is based around making words with graphic tiles against a random opponent, or a friend from Facebook or Twitter. The game has a quick pace, as you have to make as many words you can with the 12 given tiles in the 2 minute time scale. Each game with your opponent is based on the best of 3 scenario therefore reinforcing the quick pace. But of course the game can be effectively paused whilst your opponent completes their 2 minute round later in the day after you have completed yours and so on... it is great fun!

The app has already broken the 11 million user mark since the release in March 2012, and has already been dubbed the first break out app for 2013. But of course great things don't always last, I am guessing by the end of 2013 the App will have already been forgotten and I'll be writing a post about the next big thing.

Have you got the app, what do you think!?

MH x

Monday, 14 January 2013

Escalated and then productive weekend

Over the weekend I enjoyed a night out with some friends from university in my local area of Wimbledon. We started off at my flat (got to start at home it's cheaper). To then move on into Wimbledon town for a few quiet ones in a pub. Of course after more drinks were consumed the idea of staying out later was becoming an excellent idea. We decided on exploring a club further down the town called, The Watershed.

At first I wasn't too interested to attend this club, predominately because I always get tired and bored too easily in a club (mainly due to awful music). However, this was not the case with this place.

They had two rooms, one for current dance music in the charts, naturally I stayed clear of this room. And a second room which was pumping out all these classic, pop music from the 90s and then some older classics (Michael Jackson, House of Pain).

This kind of music in a club is my guilty pleasure, that music is instantly recognised by everyone, therefore in my eyes (and ears) more enjoyable. Me, Lauren and my friends were dancing practically the whole night until the club had to close for the night...I was loving it! It's great how much fun can occur from last minute planning.

Look at us all having fun!
The Sunday of course started off with everyone feeling a little fragile, until we each consumed a bacon and sausage baguette, cooked by myself. The rest of the day panned out with next to no productivity, simply lounging around watching TV.

My evening was different as I headed for Clapham Common to film a comedy night at a pub called, The Jam Tree for a new upcoming website for comedians called Joke Pit. The pub was very nice, it had recently been refurbished and under new owners. The pub garden looked great, I have to attend again properly in the summer months. The main feature I loved was the room for the comedy is behind a secret door in a bookcase. I took a photo, but didn't really give it justice.

I managed to get the door half closing at least
Check out the Joke Pit website, it's excellent and their expecting big things for 2013.

How was your weekend?

MH x

Friday, 11 January 2013

Film Review Friday, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey [2012]

This week me and Lauren had a date at the cinema to see Peter Jackson's first film from his new set of releases from the book, The Hobbit.

On YouTube there is many episodes of behind the scenes footage from the film, Peter giving you a real insight to how the film was put together and what to expect. Which of course improved my excitement to see the final film. 

The main presence of the film is an adventure with Bilbo Baggins as he has been asked to join the company of 13 Dwarves plus Gandolf to travel over to the lonely mountain and take back what was formally the Dwarves habitat.

The first element to the film that impressed me compared to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy was the improved CGI. Some scenes were spectacular to watch, in particular the battle between two mountains, which they called a 'thunder battle. The grand scale of the CGI looked incredible on the large cinema screen. Another scene looking great was the group having a run in with three trolls, they looked very life-like, giving you a real sense of urgency for Bilbo, Gandolf and the Dwarves to escape from the Trolls and to carry on their journey.

Of course you can't forget the improvement of Gollum's CGI, it was mind blowing the improvements he has received. The facial expressions are now disturbingly real, and making him even more evil and scary to look at. 

Martin Freeman playing the character of Bilbo Baggins was spot on, he fitted the role perfectly and generally looked like he could be a real Hobbit. Unfortunately the opinion was not the same for James Nesbitt as a Dwarf. It was hard to get the engagement, and believe he was a real Dwarf part of the group of adventurers. Compared to a majority of the Dwarves, who looked the part and even gave the feeling of watching a live action version of the computer game, Warcraft. James looked as if he was in fancy dress at a Lord of the Rings birthday party.

A fantastic film, which you will have to watch in the cinema to get your teeth into the action and full in love with it.

MH x 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Christmas 2012

I know this video is a bit late with all the festivities, but due to the schedule I gave myself for my YouTube it is going to be released today.

Here is my Christmas video for 2012 :-)
I don't think it turned out exactly how I imagined, but still nice to watch.

Click here for last years video.

MH x

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tuesday Tunes: New David Bowie!

The glam-rock legend, David Bowie has not released any new material for 10 years, until today. He has officially released a new single called, 'Where Are We Now?' which will be on the new album set to released in March (expected 12th) called 'The Next Day'.

The new single from Bowie is a very quiet and mellow song of him simply singing over a piano, giving the song a sense of a ballad, it's nice and peaceful. Keeping with Bowies well known glam-rock conetemporay feel, the music promo released with the new single is an intriguing watch, see below. A great use of video projections.

This news to me is great (not as a huge David Bowie fan) I love how he can simply hide away from everything for 10 years, then simple come back into the music sense unannounced and released all this new material as if nothing happened, and still be on top form. Of course the hardcore fans can tell me if that last statement is true or not.

You can download 'Where Are We Now?' and preorder the new album here.

What do you think of the return on David Bowie, and perhaps who else do you think will return unannounced later into 2013?

MH x

Monday, 7 January 2013

My first weekend of 2013

My weekend started off with watching some classic children's TV thanks to CITV. They were having an 'Old Skool Weekend' to celebrate their 30th birthday. The show I was most excited to watch was Art Attack, I was a huge fan when I was a kid. I admit to making 'Big Art Attacks' in my bedroom, Neil Buchanan is a legend in my book.

Of course I was always happy to watch Fun House with the great presenting from Pat Sharp and his ridiculous mullet. I am sure it was every kids dream (including mine) to go on that show, and tackle the fun house at the end of the show.

Sunday panned out the same. although this time with Lauren as some lovely company. We woke up to some more nostalgia of the 'Old Skool Weekend' waking up early, to specifically watch Mike and Angelo. Followed by more classics such as another episode of Fun House, Butter Moon and Rosie and Jim. It was fantastic to see all these classic kid shows on the TV again, bringing back so many great childhood memories. For me it was more about school, as I always remember racing home from school to sit down infront the TV and catch up on my favourite shows. 

As it was a Sunday, we didn't officially start the day until mid-afternoon. We decided on having a baking session, and made some great cupcakes from the Humming Bird recipe book which I got for Lauren as a Christmas present. If you look at her blog, you will see her post about it all.

Also, I did some filming around it, and that video will be on my YouTube channel in about 2 weeks time.

AND THEN... in the evening we looked around for about 2 hours to finally book our week holiday to Ibiza in May! We are both very excited!

How was your first official weekend of 2013?

MH x 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

I Love Burgers!

Before I went out on the lash (got drunk) for New Years Eve with Lauren, we had our last meal of 2012 together. We decided to make it count, and went for homemade burgers and homemade chips. We have made these before together in the past, and I have to say this was our best batch yet. However, still not perfect!

They still don't have that proper burger taste...if you get what I mean.

Here was my recipe (made up as I went along)
* Ground Beef (A decent choice, not the cheap stuff...)
* Diced Onion
* Black Pepper
* Salt
* Coriander
* Crushed Garlic
* Beaten Egg
* Finely chopped chorizo (had some left over, added it on the off choice for a different taste)

Savana Dry cider was nice with the burger

After looking around the internet I have come to the conclusion I need to add Worcester Sauce, a lot of recipes had this on the list, and unfortunately on the night me and Lauren couldn't find any in Morrison's. Furthermore I think we need to be a bit more harder with the ingredients to give the burgers a real flavour. I think I'm too worried about the burger being too peppery, or salty.

If you have any tips for me, then please comment below!

And finally, check out this bloody AMAZING burger blog, that Lauren found yesterday, 'Burger Me'

The website address speaks for itself, so I wont go into too much detail. In a nut shell the blog contains cracking examples of restaurants with great burgers in and around London. If you are a burger fanatic like me and Lauren, then I suggest you check it out!

MH x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


31st December 2012 marked the end of the social networking site, Dailybooth. 

Here is my video with all my photos from the site! Hope you enjoy! 

MH x