Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tech Thursday: Endless Road APP

Earlier this week I downloaded the fresh new game for my iPhone, Endless Road. The principle is to simply drive a car down a straight road, dodging other tracking, and avoiding the police. Sounds boring right? Not when you look at the design, and other features.

The whole graphic design behind the game is beautiful. A really simplistic layout, with minimal use of colours. All done with 3D models, which are tiny on the screen, giving off a Micro Machines feel.

Whilst you are driving down the straight and narrow path the road behind you disappears, resulting in you loosing the game when you get caught up with the disappearing road and fall down the gap. The ultimate goal is to travel through the different stages, stay alive with the road and collect the coins to upgrade your car with special perks; bomb, nitro boast, slow motion and a jumping option.

The game is surprisingly difficult, so far I have only managed to reach stage three with around 5,000 meters. Having the game so challenging is great, it improves how addictive the game can be. Plus the design is just enjoyable.

If you haven't played this game, and you like good design then I suggest you download it at the bargain price of 69p.

MH x

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


The idea behind this video has been on my mind for a while now. I watched the Urbanear adverts on Vimeo a while back, and have been wanting to attempt the idea myself. The other night I finally got round to it, and here is the result. 

A little go on After Effects after the edit, and I think it turned out quite well!

I actually really enjoyed editing this together.

What do you think!?

MH x 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tuesday Tunes: Paws Music

A while back me and a good friend of mine, Darren attempted to start the independent label, Paws Music. Connecting to the label we put on club nights in Twickenham with a DJ (Darren 'Paws') and local bands from the South West area.

Of course with our full time jobs running the label became difficult. Therefore we have decided on relaunching the site as a music blog. However, only dedicating it to local unsigned talent in the London area. So far we only have been starting off with focusing on bands from the South West.

Here is the blog, and if you are in a band or know someone who would be wanting their news to be posted on there get in touch :)

MH x

Friday, 23 November 2012

Film Review Friday [Everything Must Go, 2010]

For my birthday the other week Lauren brought me 'Everything Must Go' as a present, and we got round to watch the film the other night.

The comedy-drama tells the short story of Raymond Carver in the worst day of his life. Kicking off with getting fired from his previously secure job, returning home to find his wife has left him and changed the locks on his house, leaving all his belongings on the front lawn. He instantly decides on selling off all his possessions to the public with a yard sale....and that's about it.

Will Ferrell performs the role of Raymond perfectly, you really grasp hold of how much his life has been flipped upside down in an instant, you really feel his sadness. There is a lot of scenes expressing Raymonds this through drinking. Some of the scenes are quite hard to watch, as you witness Raymond desperate to have any last drop of alcohol to keep him going.

Of course this film is a turn away from Will's typical comical roles like, Anchorman or Step Brothers. I am a fan of his comedy roles, however these more serious films are refreshing to watch. You get to see Will really perform, and you realise how talented he is as an actor.

If you enjoyed his role in Stranger Than Fiction, which again is comedy-drama. Then you will enjoy this one.

Last week's VERY POSITIVE review of Skyfall!

MH x

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thursday Tunes: That song, from that advert

Every now and again an advert catches my eye, which I really enjoy the concept, and 9 times out of 10 the track also grabs my attention and becomes my new favourite song.

This has happened to me with the latest advert from Southern Comfort. The concept involves a man walking through a beach in his tight Y-Fronts with his belly out to the all seeing, carrying a cold glass of Southern Comfort expressing that he doesn't have a care in the world, and is loving the moment and is comfortable.

Click to watch the advert.

The advert is fantastic, and really depicts the laid back attitude someone can have in the sun with a good drink in hand....and the accompanying track is 'Hit or Miss' by Odetta, of course I have never heard of Odetta, but this song is fantastic, and haven't stopped listening to it since I discovered the track. So thank you Southern Comfort for introducing me to Odetta!

Here is the full song if you wanted to find it out yourself (and don't know how to go about with the wonderful powers of the internet).

Do you like the song or the advert OR both?

MH x 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New York City 2012

Earlier this year me and Lauren had an AMAZING trip to New York City, here is the blog post about it. Whilst I was there I took my camera to make a small video, here is the end result for my YouTube channel.

It's crazy to think me and Lauren went to New York at the beginning of this year, as well as Paris and Amsterdam later into the year. Me and Lauren have had a good year for short holidays :)

MH x

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tuesday's Tunes: Foals are back!

Foals have been around since 2005 and developed a very strong loyal fan-base their talents have always been shown strongly through both full-length albums, 'Antidotes' and 'Total Life Forever'.

Since 'Total Life Forever' the band have been a little quiet, performing shows and DJ sets here and there. Until earlier this month they released a song onto Youtube, 'Inhaler'.

Straight away from my first listen I was blown away. The new sound is so strong, and a little heavier, which I love. This may not have come as a surprise due to the band changing their sound with previous two albums, this was one of the logical progressions. My highlight of the song is Yannis' new vocal sound, with a slight more shouting to it, great stuff!

Amazing track, cannot wait to hear the new album in February 2013.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Friends Reunited

This weekend I went back down to my hometown Fareham, where it will cost you £6 to have a taxi drive you 2 minutes down the road and where 3G just does not work...anywhere. But anyway this blog post is not about that.

I was back in my hometown to meet up with some school mates who haven't seen in well over a year, so of course I was quite excited to see them all again. We were meeting up to celebrate one of oure mates birthday from the other week, and met up in Fareham town centre, which I'll be honest is a bit of a dive. It is a very slow moving town, not a lot happens to the community. Luckily we were only there for one pint to round up the troops to then head to Portsmouth.

Arriving in Portsmouth improved the evening with plenty of drinks flowing. It was such a good night catching up with my old friends again, and made me realise I need to do it more often now that I work the Monday - Friday routine, it's easily achievable. Also I realise how great Portsmouth can sometimes be, especially Southsea by the seafront, it's lovely. Portsmouth does receive a lot of bad reviews, but if you were to see the good points, your opinion could change.

The weekend continued at my dads, for again more catch up, and some nice food. The weekend came to a close when me and Lauren met in London to have a little wonder around with all the christmas lights in the city. We spent some time in Carnaby Street and Covent Garden, both looking great with their christmas lights. A visit to Hamleys was swiftly finished as the shop was jammed back with tourist and shoppers, obvious for this time of year.

I'm such a big kid when it comes to Lego

Lauren met the (lego)Queen!
And one of the corgis!
A nice weekend of chilling and catching up with old friends, how was yours!?

MH x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Film Review Friday [Skyfall, 2012]

I wouldn't call myself a huge James Bond geek, although having watched all previous 22 films I believe my opinion is valid, with an understanding into how the James Bond saga should be represented. Which brings me onto the previous two films from Daniel Craig, Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace. Both were great films, taking Bond into the modern era of cinema, however I thought they lacked the true experience from a good Bond film, which thankfully is what you get from Skyfall.

The film thankfully chooses not to carry on from the (I'll admit, confusing) storyline of Quantum Of Solace and begins a new chapter into the saga. Where MI6 is under significant threat from the 'bad guys' and M is in a vulnerable state from being assassinated, which of course introduces to James Bond to rectify the sticky situation.

Sam Mendes steps up to direct this one and he does an excellent job, the film is jammed with twists and turns of action, many scenes where you think "Really...that can't happen?" then you wake up and remember "Oh yes he's JAMES BOND!". The action sequences are breathtaking, I always admire how the films stick to the organic method of shooting all the action for real, making the audience really feel the heart of all the crash and bangs.

Javier Bardem as the evil villain, 'Silva' fitted the role perfectly with a slight camp edge, and brought back the film to how they should be. A simple cat and mouse storyline with the 'good guy' and 'bad guy' having a fit to the death. I wouldn't be embarrassed to put 'Silva' on a 'Top 10 James Bond Villians Of All Time', he could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with the best villains from previous films, he had the look of the classic Bond villain, 'Jaws'.

Mendes chooses to bring back Q into the mix, unfortunately this is not John Cleese, which is a shame. The young and talented Ben Whishaw takes on the role. However despite the immediate disappointment, this does open the book for some comical scenes with James and Q, which is definitely missed with Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace. You have to include Bond getting confused with the gadgets, and Q explaining his geeky ways.

Of course you can't miss out the other major components to complete the Bond package, the Austin Martin DB5. Yes it is back in all it's glory and still looks beautiful on screen. I was very glad to see the Austin back, and like Q opened up some more comical dialogue between Bond and M, which was enjoyable to see again.

The second half of the film is set in the heart of London, with Bond on the chase for Silva to stop him in his tracks of killing M. I was delighted to see all these chases around the beating heart of London, in the underground tubes and around other landmarks. It was a relief to see England getting the majority of airtime in the film, after all, Bond is an English character. All Bond films just have to include scenes of London. After London the film climaxes in Scotland, which I thought was the most impressive sequences of camera work,  Mendes made Scotland look beautiful through the camera lens.

The film flies through the simple story ticking all the James Bond boxes as mentioned previously, finishing off with you leaving the cinema feeling satisfied to being British and wanting to go back and watch all the previous films from start to finish.


MH x

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tech Thursday: RIP Dailybooth

Monday morning I receive an unexpected email from Dailybooth, to explain the website is coming to a close, and will be finished by end of December...sad faces all around. I'll be honest to say I have not used Dailybooth for over year now, and this sudden news did not come to me as a great shock.

The website started back in February 2009 by the British self called entrepreneur, Jon Wheatley. And very rapidly snow balled into a highly populated site as the months unfolded. Effectively kicking off the online norm of taking photos of yourself everyday and posting them onto the internet.

The idea of the site was to take a photo of yourself everyday for....well how long you wanted to (until you get bored). The photos were of course public on the site, and fellow users could post comments on them and connect with the community, which I must say stayed friendly and loyal throughout the websites existence.

I remember coming addicted to the site during 2010 logging on every day to post my daily photo and commenting on other user photos I was following at the time. Then when the iPhone App arrived, I was even more addicted as it was a lot easier and quicker to post these photos straight from my phone.

The people behind Dailybooth have explained to everyone they can download an archive of their photos to keep forever and the site will shut down on December 31st 2012. I have already downloaded my archive of photos and will be putting them into a respectful video to mark the end of the website.

RIP Dailybooth, it was fun sharing my face with you.

MH x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


The other week me and Lauren took a nice walk in and around Wimbledon Common from the back of my flat. I decide to sieze the opportunity and take some footage whilst we walked around, plus I had been hoping to make a video only focusing on slo mo for a while now.

Here is the result, let me know what you think. I love slow motion, I always find it is so effective!

I think the video turned out just fine!

MH x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday Tunes: MTV EMA's 2012

So the MTV EMA Awards happened on Sunday, and here is a run down of who won what in each category.

Best Female - Taylor Swift
Best Male - Justin Bieber
Best New - Act One Direction
Best Song - "Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae Jepsen
Best World - Stage Justin Bieber
Best Video - "Gangnam Style," PSY
Best Rock - Linkin Park
Best Pop - Justin Bieber
Best Look - Taylor Swift
Best Alternative - Lana Del Rey
Best Hip Hop - Nicki Minaj
Best Live - Taylor Swift
Biggest Fans - One Direction
Best PUSH - Carly Rae Jepsen
Global Icon - Whitney Houston

After seeing this list the first response I can only come up with is to fall around on the floor with fits of laughter. I cannot believe the state of these winners, how can they really class them as being the best in these categories.  Furthermore I thought EMA was an abbreviation for European Music Awards, now tell me if I am wrong, but I can see two people in this list that are genuinely European.
But I guess no one with real taste and opinion in music really cares what happens with the EMA's they're not exactly a credible award, like a Grammy or the Mercury Prize.

It has disgust me for at least 5 years + now at how bad the mainstream music scene has become, everything is so manufacture and so repetitive. Don't get me started on the X Factor!

What are your thoughts on the winners of this award ceremony?

MH x 

Monday, 12 November 2012

My surprise holiday to Amsterdam

In last week's post I mentioned how I was off for a surprise holiday thanks to Lauren for my birthday, and I am sure if you follow me on Instagram you would have worked out the holiday was to Amsterdam!

We spent 4 relaxing days over in the jammed backed whacky city, I had been before and have been wanting to go back ever since, therefore very excited after finding out the surprise. 

Lauren had never been before, therefore I showed her around the city a little on the first day, of course taking her to the Red Light District. After seeing it all before, the area still comes to a shock at how open it is, and not hidden due to the explicitly of it all. The area all feels like a obscure theme park. 

Our time was spent with a lot of walking and exploring the city and relaxing in bars with a nice beer or a coffee. I just love the architecture and how small the city is. Which resulted in stumbling across some familiar areas after the first day. Walking from one side to the city to the other is so easy. 

We took a trip to the Heineken Experience to gain ourselves two free pints, and an interesting look into the history of the company. After visiting the tour I have to say my love for Heineken has significantly grown.

Before arrive in Amsterdam Lauren had discovered Blood Red Shoes were playing whilst we were in the city, I had never seem them before so we had to get tickets. The show was great, Steve and Laura play perfectly together, and it stills blow me away how heavy Lauras guitar playing can sound! Also, this was our first time seeing a show abroad, so a whole new experience for the both of us. 

They performed at the Paradiso, which is a converted church. We discovered the venue has held sets for an impressive selection of bands for instance; Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Florence and the Machine...the list is endless. 
Of course I recorded some songs from the set, which can be found here and here.

I enjoyed my whole time in the city, and I think I have to go back, I just love the culture over their, it's very casual and laid back. And ultimately everything is just so nice to look at. 

Now for some photos!

A cheese show gave our free samples.
We went there everyday!

This was the majority of the first day.

I could have taken to many of these photos!

Me on the last day.

Lauren (hiding) on the last day!

Have you ever been?

MH x 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Surprise Holiday!

I always pack light!

Yesterday I was on a plane with Lauren for a SURPRISE holiday she has been planning for my birthday!

Therefore today's post has been scheduled from Saturday (3rd Nov)... So right now, I am technically typing in the past....confusing.

Anyway, I will try and get some photos up on here if and when it happens! But I can't promise anything, however I am sure I will try and post some pictures on my Instagram, so look out for those!

Of course when I arrive back in England on Wednesday evening I will write a blog post all about it :)


MH x

Friday, 2 November 2012

There Will Be Beards

Yesterday it was 1st November, and of course you all know what that means (if you are a man). MOVEMBER!

The fantastic month where practically all men grow facial hair throughout November. The main theme is to grow a moustache, however I am not too happy with growing a moustache, I end up looking like a gay pornstar, policeman, or even worse a paedophilia!

Therefore I go all out, and simply grow a beard for the whole month, it is a good fun I enjoy the facial
hair. Better still, Lauren likes my beard...WIN!

Here is me from today at my current Day 02 state.

I was very tired this morning,
and look stubble already!
I am hoping to get Matthew Connell on board this month with having a 'Fenixx Beard Off', my plan is to set up a separate page on the Fenixx site to showcase our attempts throughout the month.

Perhaps having a vote at the end on who had the best beard!

MH x

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thursday's Tunes - Every Time I Die @ The Haunt

I couldn't believe the view we had!

Over my birthday weekend I was lucky enough to go and see Every Time I Die at The Haunt in Brighton with Lauren. I was so excited to see them perform as I have been a AHUUUGE fan for at least 6 years now. With unfortunately many times missing the chance to see them live.

The whole show just blew me away, I know they were going to be excellent from other reviews. But this just exceeded my expectations by 110%, they hit the stage and smashed through their 1 hour set with tracks covering all their albums. A good mixture of old and new, which merged together perfectly. You could tell the whole band were not messing around, they were in high spirits, their stage presence was amazing. I couldn't believe they do this at least 5 nights a week on tour!

I loved the venue, me and Lauren were informed of a balcony upstairs, which was close to empty, lucky for Lauren as she is 5ft therefore can never see when we go to gigs. Therefore we got the front row spot to watch the whole show away from the fights in the mosh pit down below. Due to the venue being so small, the stage was esaily accessable, meaning there was someone stage diving at least every 2 seconds, with the encouragement from front man, Keith Buckely. It was like watching ants running around from the balcony.

I loved every single second of the show, there was plenty of head banging from me throughout the whole set. The band are such a joy to watch, and with their hard punching riffs you can't stop yourself from moving to the music, and scream the odd lines in the songs from time to time.

Basically as you can tell I loved it, and I want to see them again so so bad. I am very glad to say after the 6 years waiting, it was certainly worth it!


If you have ever been tempted to see them live, then I suggest you buy a ticket whilst you can!

I recorded some videos in the show, you can seem, here, here, here and here.

MH x