Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tuesday Tunes: My Top 7 Albums

This year due to my extremely busy lifestyle with my new job, and other commitments. My music knowledge was slacking, therefore I only heard a small number of new albums. Next year I am going to try my hardest to get back into the new music scene. I get the tube two and from work 45mins each time, there is no excuse why I can't listen to the new material practically every day.

To be honest I am quite disappointed with myself, as I am a great lover of new music. 

But anyway....here is my small list of my top 7( yes I only really listened to 7 new albums this year) favourite albums from this year in no particular order.

1 - Every Time I Die - 'Ex Lives'
2 - The Maccabees - 'Given To The Wild'
3 - Alt-J - 'Awesome Waves'
4 - The XX - 'Coexist'
5 - Alabama Shakes - 'Boys & Girls'
6 - Blood Red Shoes - ‘In Time To Voices’
7 - Jack White - ‘Blunderbuss’

What were you favourite albums of 2012?

MH x 

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