Monday, 17 December 2012

The Weekend [15 + 16th Dec]

This weekend my dad, step-mum and her two children traveled up to see my flat, they haven't visited since I moved in. Therefore it was a good time to visit as I have now properly settled in and found my feet in the place...loving it!

They took up their dog, Brecon. Who is now 1 years old (think I've mentioned him a few times on this blog). Of course visiting a new place he was very excited, running around my flat which is smaller than the home he is used to. We took him out for a walk around Wimbledon common before we had some lunch to calm him down, and it did the trick.

He is so much bigger!

After lunch we went for another walk over to Wimbledon Village, whilst taking Brecon I decided to take my camera and take some footage. This of course will be my WatchingMatthew video for this week  I am sure you will like it :) - He was loving the walk through the woods, there was so many other dogs for him to go and say hello. But the part he must have loved most was all the large muddy puddles, he came back to the flat looking like a black labrador.

Saturday evening was spent at Laurens watching Harry Potter and some pizza, yum! I am now on the 3rd film!

Sunday we went into London to watch The XX at Brixton academy, which of course was bloody amazing! I will post more about that later this week perhaps.

How was your weekend!?

MH x

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