Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tech Thursday: Google Maps App

Since the appalling effort from Apple releasing their own map navigation app I have been quite literally counting down the days for Google to release their own version...obviously counting down to christmas as well.

That's me at work, hiya! 

Well yesterday the app was finally released....HOORAY!

I am so glad to see the app back on the homescreen of my iPhone, of course I can't delete Apple has been bumped to the back page. I downloaded the app quite literally first thing this morning. One thing I am glad to see back on the app is different icons for underground stations and train stations, I still can't understand why Apple chose to use the same icons for both, that is far too confusing for tourists when walking around busy London.

I just hope this app will be strong and reliable with performance, as I have noticed with the Gmail app tends to crash.

Are you happy to see the app back on your phone!?

MH x