Monday, 31 December 2012

2013 New Years Resolutions

Because 2012's resolutions were so successful I will again, attempt 10, the odds aree in my favor to have another great year that way :)

1. The News
Last year I completely feel off the map with what was going on in the news, I will make sure I read the paper and watch the news more.

2. News Music
Like with the news I completely lost my touch with new music, I will make sure this doesn't happen in 2013!

3. Exercise 
I don't want to be a muscle machine, just feel more energetic, and fitter. I will buy some dumbbells and exercise at home when I can (yep, can't afford a gym).

4. Freelance
I will try and get more paid freelance work, perhaps think about the idea of going freelance.

5. Update my Flickr page
I updated the page a few times last year, more will be done in 2013!

6. 1 Gig a month
Last year I watched a new film practically every week, this year I will try to see at least one band live each month (If I have the money of course..)

7. Music videos
Last year we only managed 2 music videos, of course they are still great. However in 2013 I want to make more! We need a big portfolio of content.

8. Film Festivals
We sent our music videos to only a handle of film festivals, 2013 we submit to more!

9. Fruit & Veg
This was only kept up during the first half of the year, I will make sure it will happen throughout 2013.

10. 1 creative video a week
I have been uploading one video a week to my WatchingMatthew channel over the last few weeks of the year, I will continue this in 2013, It's good fun!

Do you have a huge list for 2013 resolutions?

MH x 

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