Friday, 21 December 2012

2012 New Years Resolutions RESULTS

This is a list of my resolutions from 2012

I have definitely managed that and have got myself into a nice routine, 2013 will be the same effort
2. Enter Fenixx Productions work into film festivals
We did and managed to get short listed at the Turrock Film Festival - We will do this ALOT more in 2013
3. Increase the audience for my second blog, Stupid Customers
The blog is practically dead, but I am now trying with Sleepy Bears
4. Move closer into London for work (Zone 2 or 3)
Yep, I now live in Southfields and I love it :)
5. Use my camera more often to take photographs for my neglected Flickr page
I updated the site now and then, but I have a nice SLR I'm going to try and take that out with me more often from now on.
6. Watch a film I have not seen once every week
Yep, me and Lauren have managed this, with my Film Review Friday posts
7. Try to be less predictable
I think I have achieved this...
8. Drink the suggested pints of water a day
We get free bottles of water at work, I drink it a lot!
9. Eat more fruit and veg
I go up and down with this, it'll be a harder push next year
10. Try to get back into the routine of flossing my teeth
Yep, all good!

To my surprise it looks like it has been a successful year for me. It definitely helps to have a long list to make you feel better about yourself!

With the partial fails in mind (the ones in orange) I am going to move them into 2013's resolutions, of course I am still going for 10. Check back on the blog my post on my 2013 resolutions. 

MH x 

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