Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thursday's Tunes - Every Time I Die @ The Haunt

I couldn't believe the view we had!

Over my birthday weekend I was lucky enough to go and see Every Time I Die at The Haunt in Brighton with Lauren. I was so excited to see them perform as I have been a AHUUUGE fan for at least 6 years now. With unfortunately many times missing the chance to see them live.

The whole show just blew me away, I know they were going to be excellent from other reviews. But this just exceeded my expectations by 110%, they hit the stage and smashed through their 1 hour set with tracks covering all their albums. A good mixture of old and new, which merged together perfectly. You could tell the whole band were not messing around, they were in high spirits, their stage presence was amazing. I couldn't believe they do this at least 5 nights a week on tour!

I loved the venue, me and Lauren were informed of a balcony upstairs, which was close to empty, lucky for Lauren as she is 5ft therefore can never see when we go to gigs. Therefore we got the front row spot to watch the whole show away from the fights in the mosh pit down below. Due to the venue being so small, the stage was esaily accessable, meaning there was someone stage diving at least every 2 seconds, with the encouragement from front man, Keith Buckely. It was like watching ants running around from the balcony.

I loved every single second of the show, there was plenty of head banging from me throughout the whole set. The band are such a joy to watch, and with their hard punching riffs you can't stop yourself from moving to the music, and scream the odd lines in the songs from time to time.

Basically as you can tell I loved it, and I want to see them again so so bad. I am very glad to say after the 6 years waiting, it was certainly worth it!


If you have ever been tempted to see them live, then I suggest you buy a ticket whilst you can!

I recorded some videos in the show, you can seem, here, here, here and here.

MH x


Lauren said...

I have listened to them every day since Saturday..x

Alex Tuck said...

Yes! Someone videoed stuff! Nice one dude, gonna check later to see if I was in any, was at the front most the gig, was so great, although Keith swung the mix into my head and there was blood xD