Friday, 2 November 2012

There Will Be Beards

Yesterday it was 1st November, and of course you all know what that means (if you are a man). MOVEMBER!

The fantastic month where practically all men grow facial hair throughout November. The main theme is to grow a moustache, however I am not too happy with growing a moustache, I end up looking like a gay pornstar, policeman, or even worse a paedophilia!

Therefore I go all out, and simply grow a beard for the whole month, it is a good fun I enjoy the facial
hair. Better still, Lauren likes my beard...WIN!

Here is me from today at my current Day 02 state.

I was very tired this morning,
and look stubble already!
I am hoping to get Matthew Connell on board this month with having a 'Fenixx Beard Off', my plan is to set up a separate page on the Fenixx site to showcase our attempts throughout the month.

Perhaps having a vote at the end on who had the best beard!

MH x

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