Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tech Thursday: RIP Dailybooth

Monday morning I receive an unexpected email from Dailybooth, to explain the website is coming to a close, and will be finished by end of December...sad faces all around. I'll be honest to say I have not used Dailybooth for over year now, and this sudden news did not come to me as a great shock.

The website started back in February 2009 by the British self called entrepreneur, Jon Wheatley. And very rapidly snow balled into a highly populated site as the months unfolded. Effectively kicking off the online norm of taking photos of yourself everyday and posting them onto the internet.

The idea of the site was to take a photo of yourself everyday for....well how long you wanted to (until you get bored). The photos were of course public on the site, and fellow users could post comments on them and connect with the community, which I must say stayed friendly and loyal throughout the websites existence.

I remember coming addicted to the site during 2010 logging on every day to post my daily photo and commenting on other user photos I was following at the time. Then when the iPhone App arrived, I was even more addicted as it was a lot easier and quicker to post these photos straight from my phone.

The people behind Dailybooth have explained to everyone they can download an archive of their photos to keep forever and the site will shut down on December 31st 2012. I have already downloaded my archive of photos and will be putting them into a respectful video to mark the end of the website.

RIP Dailybooth, it was fun sharing my face with you.

MH x