Thursday, 29 November 2012

Tech Thursday: Endless Road APP

Earlier this week I downloaded the fresh new game for my iPhone, Endless Road. The principle is to simply drive a car down a straight road, dodging other tracking, and avoiding the police. Sounds boring right? Not when you look at the design, and other features.

The whole graphic design behind the game is beautiful. A really simplistic layout, with minimal use of colours. All done with 3D models, which are tiny on the screen, giving off a Micro Machines feel.

Whilst you are driving down the straight and narrow path the road behind you disappears, resulting in you loosing the game when you get caught up with the disappearing road and fall down the gap. The ultimate goal is to travel through the different stages, stay alive with the road and collect the coins to upgrade your car with special perks; bomb, nitro boast, slow motion and a jumping option.

The game is surprisingly difficult, so far I have only managed to reach stage three with around 5,000 meters. Having the game so challenging is great, it improves how addictive the game can be. Plus the design is just enjoyable.

If you haven't played this game, and you like good design then I suggest you download it at the bargain price of 69p.

MH x

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