Monday, 19 November 2012

Friends Reunited

This weekend I went back down to my hometown Fareham, where it will cost you £6 to have a taxi drive you 2 minutes down the road and where 3G just does not work...anywhere. But anyway this blog post is not about that.

I was back in my hometown to meet up with some school mates who haven't seen in well over a year, so of course I was quite excited to see them all again. We were meeting up to celebrate one of oure mates birthday from the other week, and met up in Fareham town centre, which I'll be honest is a bit of a dive. It is a very slow moving town, not a lot happens to the community. Luckily we were only there for one pint to round up the troops to then head to Portsmouth.

Arriving in Portsmouth improved the evening with plenty of drinks flowing. It was such a good night catching up with my old friends again, and made me realise I need to do it more often now that I work the Monday - Friday routine, it's easily achievable. Also I realise how great Portsmouth can sometimes be, especially Southsea by the seafront, it's lovely. Portsmouth does receive a lot of bad reviews, but if you were to see the good points, your opinion could change.

The weekend continued at my dads, for again more catch up, and some nice food. The weekend came to a close when me and Lauren met in London to have a little wonder around with all the christmas lights in the city. We spent some time in Carnaby Street and Covent Garden, both looking great with their christmas lights. A visit to Hamleys was swiftly finished as the shop was jammed back with tourist and shoppers, obvious for this time of year.

I'm such a big kid when it comes to Lego

Lauren met the (lego)Queen!
And one of the corgis!
A nice weekend of chilling and catching up with old friends, how was yours!?

MH x

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