Friday, 23 November 2012

Film Review Friday [Everything Must Go, 2010]

For my birthday the other week Lauren brought me 'Everything Must Go' as a present, and we got round to watch the film the other night.

The comedy-drama tells the short story of Raymond Carver in the worst day of his life. Kicking off with getting fired from his previously secure job, returning home to find his wife has left him and changed the locks on his house, leaving all his belongings on the front lawn. He instantly decides on selling off all his possessions to the public with a yard sale....and that's about it.

Will Ferrell performs the role of Raymond perfectly, you really grasp hold of how much his life has been flipped upside down in an instant, you really feel his sadness. There is a lot of scenes expressing Raymonds this through drinking. Some of the scenes are quite hard to watch, as you witness Raymond desperate to have any last drop of alcohol to keep him going.

Of course this film is a turn away from Will's typical comical roles like, Anchorman or Step Brothers. I am a fan of his comedy roles, however these more serious films are refreshing to watch. You get to see Will really perform, and you realise how talented he is as an actor.

If you enjoyed his role in Stranger Than Fiction, which again is comedy-drama. Then you will enjoy this one.

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