Monday, 22 October 2012

Time is slipping away

Over the weekend me and Lauren had another lazy one, we watched the two previous James Bond films ready for this weeks release. Cooked up some nice dinner, and made some homemade fruit and nut chocolate, a Super Busy Chicks recipe. We also watched The Breakfast Club, Lauren has never seen it (I KNOW!).  Finally we squeezed in a little look around the shops in London, where I bought myself a new shirt ready for my birthday later this week!

Whilst looking in the shops, it was hard to ignore the fact Christmas is fast approaching us, and is now only weeks away. I cannot believe this time of year has arrived round again. 2012 has quite literally ran away from me without realising.

It is true what people say, the years go quicker onces you were older. I have full experience of this now, and I'll be honest I am not enjoying it. Don't get me wrong this year has still been amazing, I went to New York, Paris, Bestival, Valencia and a few other lovely trips in England. It's just the fact that time is just rolling past at break neck speed. In December I will already be working at th1ng for a year. It still only feels like 6 months!

I wonder if there are any tips on how to make time feel a little slower. I guess that is bordem. Do you feel time is going too quickly now as well!?

MH x

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