Monday, 15 October 2012

The Weekend [13 + 14th Oct]

This weekend me and Lauren both had no plans whatsoever therefore we decided to take both days as they come...keeping it chilled and relaxing with no plans.

Saturday was such a relaxing day, we started things off around 12pm by cooking up some brunch, consisting of American style pancakes. We used this recipe, and I think they're turned out just right, tasting perfectly how I remember from my holidays to America. However, next time I will make a bigger mixture, so we can have larger pancakes to keep in ket with that proper American style. Whilst making them, I couldn't help but realise how different our English pancakes are, and that they are actually Crepes. And I am sure the Americans laugh at us when we call them pancakes.

The day plodding on nicely, we watched The Iron Lady with some carrot cake we made earlier in the week and green tea. Then finished off the evening with a visit to Windsor to eat a juicy burger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen...delicious!

Sunday again started off late around 12pm at Laurens house, we gobbled down a Roast dinner thanks to Laurens mum, then took a visit to Slough. I have to say that will be my last visit to Slough. It's not a nice area...however I couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for the town. It just looks as if the area has been forgotten by everyone. Endless amounts of shops closed down, and the town just looks a little dirty. And the shops that have been replaced are all the same...very odd and quite depressing.

It was a lovely weekend spent together, we haven't do it in ages!

What did you get up to at the weekend!?

MH x

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