Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tech Thursday: The New GoPro

Yesterday I stumbled across the link of footage captured with the brand new GoPro HERO3: Black Edition....and I was certainly blown away!

For those of you who don't know, GoPro is a company who build cameras for extreme filming conditions. They have widely been used for extreme sports such as; surfing, skiing, motorcross...blah blah blah. The camera has a strong casing to stop any debris and even water getting in. Therefore the camera is perfect to get thrown about and even shooting underwater, like I used it in my music promo for Kid Champion. The camera can be attached to many mounts, for helmets, surf boards etc.

The first model for the brand was a good start, then with the second model it was still not quite there. However, with this new model HERO3, it is looking very promosing! I am blown away with the sharpness of the imagine, and colour quality you will be able to get from it. I really want one to shoot some epic shots for personal use, or perhaps another music promo! The price for the camera is outstanding as well, $199!

Check out the video below of them showing off the capabilities of this new camera, amazing stuff!

I spent the majority of yesterday watching more videos on the GoPro YouTube channel, there is some impressive content using their cameras on there!

MH x

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