Monday, 1 October 2012

Commotion Dance - 'Ready Or Not'

Saturday I had a productive day in Bath, where I filmed the dance group, Commotion Dance. They have been going on tour with their 'Ready Or Not' show. They approached me to film and edit together the promotional DVD for the show. I was very impressed to be asked to make this as the show is fantastic. It's aimed at children from ages 3 - 7 and it's a huge colourful spectacle, highly enjoyable for the children.  I am looking forward to editing this piece together, the show is 35mins in total therefore will be the longest edit I have ever done...a nice learning curve.

The children loved the tubes during the show!
The stage before the performance, look at the colours!

As I mentioned the show was in Bath, this was my first time visiting the area, and I instantly loved it. The streets were perfectly clean, and everything was so organic looking. I will certainly visit again properly with Lauren and explore the area in more detail. 

Bath high street, even the train station caught my eye! 
One thing which really caught my eye was the towns brick work, everything was a slight shade of yellow, which was nice. This made the area seem so vibrant and inviting, adding to the cleanliness of the city. Another thing that really interested me when I was leaving after the shoot. There were huge crowds at the bus stops, but everyone was forming a orderly single file queue. It was actually crazy to witness this, of course It shouldn't be crazy to see manners to be put into practice. However, you just don't see this behaviour up in London, it's a bun fight to get a place on a bus in the city. 

Commotion Dance are a great company, and I really think they are worth checking out! 

25 days until my birthday! 

MH x 

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