Monday, 24 September 2012

Weekend away to Valencia

Over the weekend I had a fantastic trip away with my work colleagues to a villa in Valencia. These work trips have happened for the last 3 years at my work, as a bonding trip for the full time staff in production.

The weather in Valencia was beyond perfect, the whole weekend it was 30C and then I'm guessing around the 20 - 25C for the evenings. The first night on arrival in the evening, we took a walk down the beach, there was not a signal sense of wind in the air, and the beach was empty. It was so peaceful, and straight away I was loving it. This set the tone for the whole trip.

Both days we woke up at a reassemble time, got some breakfast, then hit the beach for lunchtime and stayed there until the evening for food and drinking until around 3am.

This laid back lifestyle for the two days was exactly what I needed, and it made me incredibly jealous of the Spanish and how nice the weather was for end of September. Compared to the English wet and miserable weather upon arrival last night.

The area we stayed in was not populated by British tourists, I only spotted around 3 separate groups of English. I was of course very happy for this, as theres nothing worse than the 'Brits Abroad'.

The second day I had to chill under this,
my back was horribly sunburnt 
The back streets were beautiful
Even during the day the beaches
were half populated
I will certainly go back to Valencia, it was a beautiful place.

MH x

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