Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday's Tech: iPhone 5 looks bad ass!

Image courtesy of gdgt
Last night I was glued to my computer screen at work reading the live blog feed on gdgt posting update information on the iPhone 5 Keynote presentation. The feed really made me feel like I was there at the event....of course being there would have been over 100 times better! I am sure if you follow me on Twitter my excitement for the release was obvious with my excessive Tweeting. 

Throughout all the Keynote announcements it was clear the leaked version of the iPhone which spread around the internet was spot on, which was a shame as I like a good surprise. However, I didn't read many articles on what was leaked, therefore I was still shocked to hear some of the updates the phone has received, and I believe it is a huge leap forward.

I was impressed to see they have again increased the speed of the A6 chip, this always baffles me how they can just upgrade it like there is no fuss. When explaining the chip is able to give power up to 5GHZ and 150Mbps, my jaw hit the floor, I remember PCs running on this sort of power!!! I can't wait to test out how much quicker this makes the phone. 

Facetime really impressed me as the phone now has a 720p camera on the front, and then the previous 1080p on the back. It's just mad to think how they can squeeze these capabilities into this phone which is now thinner! Of course making the phone slightly larger has helped. 

The new design is nice as well, I am sure a lot of people say nothing much has changed and that it should have a redesign. However, I like the slightly darker sides to the phone, gives it a new edge. I bet the phone will feel great in your hand now it's got a 4" screen...can't wait to get hands on with the device. 

I am impressed with the price they have offered, $199 for a 2 year contract for a 16GB version. These numbers don't feel like you will be breaking the bank too hard. That's roughly £125, which I am sure I could sell my iPhone 4 for that value. 

Yep, I want one already, although I believe my contract has just over another 6 months :( 

Are you getting one?

MH x 


Lauren said...

I am far too excited to upgrade!!! Love the metal on the back of it too! Beaut.

GJevon said...

Got my iPhone 5 on launch day have to say there is merit behind the hype, most will say it looks the same but not to me this Machine is a work of pure Art fused with Power and functionality that destroys all other smart phones. Best iPhone and phone ever to be released in my opinion.