Monday, 3 September 2012

The Mr. Brainwash Exhibition

Yesterday me and Lauren attended the Mr. Brainwash Exhibition at the Old Sorting Office on New Oxford Street. I only heard the exhibition was happening a week before, and straight away I wanted to attend as I enjoy the street art/graffiti craze. 

All the installations fill the area on the ground floor, upon walking in you are immediately greeted with all the pieces of art, and instantly you can tell a lot of time was spent creating the works. 

A lot of the work took on this theme
Photo doesn't do it justice, these paint tins were huge!
Cinematic legend!
Made entirely out of car tyres, amazing!
Walking around the exhibition it feels like a theme park, the room is full with large and small installations, for instance an overside boombox, polaroid camera and spray cans. I wont go into too much detail, wouldn't want to spoilt it.

I loved every part of the exhibition, all the art looked great! I enjoy this type of art, I believe the work doesn't have hidden meanings (which isn't a bad thing...). The pieces are clearly mass produced with stencils, and other such materials, expressing there was no hidden meaning them, purely showing off some creativity, which I believe is the main purpose of art. 

Art doesn't need to have the heading meaning, and explanations, furthermore these thoughts are always based on personal opinion from each individual. I am sure some critics will say this art does have thought provoking meanings, and I am certain some critics would say this not art. I can definitely see both sides of the opinions, definitely the not art opinion. But ultimately I love it, the works are great to look at, and if I had the money a few pieces would certainly be purchased for my flat. 

The exhibition is free entry and carries on until 7th September, and I strongly suggest you attend if you haven't already, it's fantastic. 

I want to attend more exhibitions like this, have you been?

MH x 

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