Thursday, 20 September 2012

Rich Kids Of Instagram

Tumblr is full of weird and wonderful posts, you can find people with the exact same odd interest in life, making you feel less of an outsider. The site is also full of great blogs with hilarious themes, just like the amazing page I posted about the other week, Consume Consume. Another one I have discovered is Rich Kids Of Instagram, and it doesn't take a brainiac to guess what this website is all about....yep shit little rich kids.

It is such an eye opener into how these rich kids live their lives thanks to their parents. It shows the obscene amount of money they spend, and choosing to exploit this on Instagram. If I was lucky enough to be wealthy and had kids I would certainly be ashamed to find my kids doing this. This small selection of photos show what reoccurring themes you get to witness on the aware you get full of rage with the site, seeing these kids show off without a care in the world for money.

Yep, a lot of OTT houses
showing off receipts from OTT nights out i
s a regular occurrence  
Champagne is always the choice for the rich kids.
I bet they don't even like it.
The site doesn't make me bitter about their wealth, it makes me realise how much I appreciate my own money, and I am glad I'm not a show off like these little fucks.

MH x

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