Monday, 17 September 2012

Music Monday

Monday's on the blog are usually all about my weekend, however today I have decided to steer away from that idea. Don't get me wrong, the weekend was a nice one with Lauren on Saturday, and then some filming with Caroline Artiss for her Youtube channel. I just don't think the events would be good enough for a read on a Monday morning...mainly because I didn't take enough photos (and lets face it, people only tend to look at photos in blog posts)

Therefore I have decided to randomly go for a quick Music Monday post, about Bat For Lashes.

I used to listen their first two albums, 'Fur and Gold' and 'Two Suns' a lot last year, it was high on my playlist for the summer, however this slowly fizzled out. Until being informed with the release of their new album, 'The Haunted Man. I am highly looking forward to purchasing it, due to the first single 'Laura' got me gripped from the first listen. Natasha Khans voice is beautiful throughout the whole track. It also sounds brilliant live, I was very happy to catch the song live at Bestival, definitely goosebumps material. You have to hear the track if you haven't already, so here it is. 

Last week they released another track from the new album, 'Marilyn' as a free download (nice of them). It is another fantastic track, however I am still loving 'Laura' more.

This does make me wonder if the new album is going to consist of a bunch tracks with peoples names. However, I don't mind either way, I know Natasha and the band are going to sound great. 

MH x 

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