Thursday, 6 September 2012

iPhone 5 excitement

If you spend a majority of your lifte on the internet (like myself), by now (even if you don't care) you would know about the iPhone 5 will be released next week. This still is not set in stone the announcement will be the 5th generation iPhone, however judging by the invite from Apple so far, it is perfectly clear. 

Apple always dish out some clever eye catching invites to their big events, and I think this is the most impressive and a personal favourite, even if it is the most simplest design....but hey, thats Apple right?

I am looking forward to find out what the new iPhone will bring to the smartphone table, as we are still left in the dark with no clear approved list on what might be on offer. Compared to the iPhone 4 leak in 2010. I guess, this is clear Apple have severely cracked down on their secrecy this time round. 

However, everyones guesses have seem quite plausible, with some impressive 3D mock ups. This video had me interested at first, until the part where the iPhone expands into an iPad instantly infront the naked eye, it's just hilarious, totally worth a watch. 

No doubt I will be infront a computer screen trying to find live updates from the keynote on the 12th! 

MH x 

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