Friday, 28 September 2012

Film Review Friday [My Week With Marilyn, 2011]

This week's film choice was Laurens, so this is her review! 

This week, we finally got round to seeing a film we'd been meaning to see in the cinema for ages, My Week With Marilyn. I had seen both positive and negative reviews of the film before watching it, so I was interested to see what we actually made of it.

The storyline is based around when Marilyn came to England to star in the film The Prince and The Showgirl, alongside Laurence Olivier, in the 1950s. The story is recounted by Colin Clark, who was an employee of Olivier, who was helping out on set when he finds himself drawn to Marilyn. The story, I'd say, is quite simple to follow (no headaches!), but is perfect for highlighting what a complex character Marilyn was. Complicated story and character would have just been way too much! The 50s is an era I really love as well, so it was really nice to go back to this time to see how things got done in the film industry.

Now, as for Marilyn, I imagine it was pretty daunting to try and play her. She's possibly the most famous woman ever ever ever, and her character was so complicated. Michelle Williams, however, was pretty darn good. I didn't think in the stills from the shoot that she looked THAT good as Monroe, but she was so much better than I thought! And the resemblance was pretty amazing too. The Prince and the Showgirl was most famous for it's leading actors incompatibility and this was so greatly depicted on screen, Kenneth Branagh made for an amazing Olivier, who just lost his temper with Monroe too many times with her odd methods of 'acting'. But I though Michelle Williams definitely stole the show! She encompassed Marilyn's pouty sexiness, vulnerability and childlike traits perfectly and had her wide eyed innocence and fear of Olivier down to a tee. Highly unpredicatble and probably a right nightmare to work with, but you can't help but be drawn to her.

Being as I had read a mixture of reviews before, My Week With Marilyn was definitely better than I expected, however, the storyline could have been a bit more interesting...but that's just me. Not something I would watch time after time, but definitely a must see.

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