Friday, 21 September 2012

Film Review Friday [Lawless, 2012]

This week me and Lauren headed to the cinema to watch John Hillcoat's Lawless. The film is based on the true story of the Bondurant brothers, who are in the moonshine selling business during the Prohibition-era to the town folk whilst fighting off battles with the corrupt cops.

The film is riddled with a great selection of actors, ff course everyone (including me) are going to mention Tom Hardy. His performance was fantastic, he gave his character a great Virginia accent, however I did feel it would have good for him to have a few extra lines. And I did enjoy his selection of cardigans he had from the wardrobe department. 

The set design is spot on, just the same as any other 1930's based western film, it really is a great attempt at a modern day western, with added violence. Which in some parts can be quite explicit, make a few rather squeamish, the choice to make the film an 18 was a good one. 

The film doesn't fail to live to true spirit of a classic western, with the arrival of a bad cop to town from Chicago, Charlie Rakes played by Guy Pearce. This vilan sets to put right the moonshine bootlegging, of course, with his wicked ways the audience instantly take a disliking to him. Pearce plays the character really well  in making him look so sinister, some scenes are uneasy to watch, not knowing what his next move is going to be in cracking down on the crime. 

With the big name cast, costume and set design the film is a joy to watch. There is no challenging storyline, which is fine, you can simply sit back and enjoy the film as a whole, good entrainment. 

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