Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bestival Blues

Monday evening I arrived back from another amazing weekend at Bestival on the Isle Of Wight, and since then the festival blues have been stuck with me. Just the same as my first time last year, the festival was amazing; the music, the shenanigans, the atmosphere and then this year the extremely lucky weather. Throughout the daytime all I had to wear was a t-shirt and a pair of shorts...attach this with to a pint and some music with sunglasses on, and you can imagine how good it was!

I love going to festivals and I believe there is something different about Bestival, both times I have been it has felt a little bit extra good, but I can't quite put my finger on what this extra something is. I cannot wait to go back again next year (I think we are just going to keep attending).

My highlight for the festival was of course seeing Stevie Wonder, he was amazing, such a legend and influential person to the music industry. The crowd were loving every minute of his set, it felt like one big party to end the festival.

Other great acts I enjoyed were Friendly Fires as they performed the best set I have ever witnessed. Bat For Lashes destroyed the expectations I had for their set, Natasha sings perfectly live. Roots Manuva had the crowd going wild. Miike Snow was another unexpected great performance, his music works so well live. There was plenty of other bands I saw, but I wont to go to detail with the lot.

This year I thought the quality of bands was raised, and there were some good mixture. I'm sure next year will be even better...can't wait!

To be honest, I wish my job was to attend festivals and review them....I can only dream I guess.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Turns out I wasn't original being a Penguin,
I would say I saw about 80 of them!

We're so attractive right :) 
We ate here everyday last year, had to be repeated this year!

When you explore the festival you find some great things!
I surprisingly succeeded with my first beer bong! 
There was so much hilarious random costumes!

Did you attend Bestival this year, tell me how much you liked it!

MH x 

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Lauren said...

Oh my god, you and your friends are so attractive!