Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Windows 8 looks......terrible

Since I started college back in 2005 I turned away from Windows and realised how amazing Macs are, and have never looked back since. Now, I am a little biased (well...maybe a lot) when it comes to comparing Macs to Windows, therefore with every Windows OS (Operating System) update I have a little laugh at looking at their UI (User Interface), and everything.

With the new Windows 8 set to release this year, I have looked a little into the OS and of course like previous release have not been a fan of it. Now, I believe this certain release has proven to have a fair few problems, resulting in number of humorous reviews online.

For instance the 20 minute plus video below is very amusing watch,  two guys go through the whole system picking out all the flaws, and issues that should have been noted and retified in the development stage. The video could be a little geeky to some people, but I think the jokes and opinions are executed perfectly, with some great sarcasm and tongue in cheek remarks, which I am a huge fan of.

After I watched the video I could not ignore the question of how the OS went through product testing, and wonder what on earth Microsoft were thinking.

MH x

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