Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Twitter account + a blog

A few weeks back I posted an entry about a couple of hilarious Twitter accounts you should all follow (If you are on Twitter of course). I said I would try to update the list with more good accounts to follow. Well at the moment I only have one more account to add to the list, but it's still an update.

The account is @InnoBystander
I'm not sure why the account has a sheep for it's identity, however it is a fun account Tweeting honest opinions on current affairs, in a humorous ways.

Secondly I have come across the blog, Consume Consume. Which I have instantly fallen in love with, if you ever have a few moments spare at work then I strongly suggest you have a look. The blog is full of great photos, some are funny, some our just outrageous, some are a bit gross and some are clever. All the shots are not the usual stuff you find scattered across the internet, that are funny for about the first 2 seconds. These photos you have to stop and look into them, and half the time you wonder where these great photos were found, and think how funny the moments must have been when the photos were taken. The person or people behind the blog must have a great archive.

Here are few I've liked so far...

MH x

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