Monday, 6 August 2012

The Golden Weekend

Mine and Lauren's weekend together started off on Saturday with a nice day out in London, in and around Shoreditch. We visited my new favourite place in Shoreditch, the Boxpark, where I picked up a nice pair of Gola's which I have been eyeing up over the last month or so. I thought it was about i'd treat myself...and already I am looking into other colours. (uh oh!)

I love them! 
After the Boxpark we did not really have a plan, so decided on having a little bike ride around on the Boris bikes. I'll be honest and say Lauren looked rather scared the whole time. I did take us through some busy traffic, so I guess she did have a good reason.

The next Victoria Pendleton
The evening we sat down to watch live coverage of the athletics to witness Team GB to win those 3 separate gold medals in under an hour. Throughout that time, I could not believe the moment of history I was witnessing. Such a good end to the day, and I was surprised with how interested Lauren was! Sunday was again amazing with Murray's win, I was so glad he managed that. Just a shame he can't manage it for himself.

Such a good weekend for us Brits, it makes me proud to say I am British. After watching all the Velodrome action it makes me want to take up more cycle rides with people perhaps.

MH x

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Lauren said...

I'll practice my 'I'm fine!' face for next time...xx