Monday, 13 August 2012

The Closing Weekend

Saturday on the second to last day of the Olympics I finally went to watch the events on the big screens at one of the parks in London. Myself, Lauren and my housemates went to Hyde Park for the BT London Live. It was a such a good atmosphere in the sun with a few pints, which I have to point out were outrageously over priced. Although, I can slightly see the reason behind this, as the event was free...they have to make ends meet somewhere.

The whole time I was in the park I was wondering why I had not taken advantage of these free London events throughout the games. The atmosphere was electric when we all watched Mo Farah cross the line to take gold in the 5,000M final. I wish I'd been there for the previous 'Super Saturday', however I am still glad to say I experienced some of the games properly.

Sunday afternoon was zero Olympic theme, me and Lauren had a 'little' picnic in Wimbledon Park, it was just nice to chill out together and soak up the amazing sunshine. One thing that did amuse me whilst in the park, we looked over our shoulders to spot in the distance a few middle aged men meeting up to act out some role've seen the film Role Models right?

This is them walking can they take themselves seriously.

In the evening we of course watched the closing ceremony, which I think went well, however there were a few too many moments where I couldn't help but thing. 'WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?'. Although just like the Jubilee Concert we successfully showed off what great music backgrounds we have here in the UK.

I'd like to sum up the closing ceremony with a few points, and questions.

* One Direction after Madness and Pet Shop Boys...?
* Was there only 4 tracks on the playlist?
* Victoria Beckham did a nice job at standing and waving.
* Why, oh why, out of everybody they decide on having Jessie J perform with Brian May and Roger Taylor (Queen)?
* 22 years after his death, Freddie Mercury can still control the on!
* 'My Generation' was the perfect fitting song to eventually end it all.
* Did no one else see the man walk the tight rope to set fire to a mannequin
* And....don't the Parlympians get a torch?

MH x

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