Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tech Tuesday: EatThisMuch.com

The other evening I discovered a website to aid people with their diet regimes. Now, I am not personally on a diet or a calorie counter, however I do try and watch what I eat, at an attempt to live a healthy lifestyle and I believe this website will aid me with this way of life.

The website is designed to give you an exact list of foods you can eat over a desired amount of meals and calorie intake over the period of a day. The search field for these certain criterias is very precist with only two boxes to fill. 'I want to each X calories over X meals'.
These two very simply values are great for anyone who wants a quick solution. With these busy lifestyles we now lead I am sure people will agree this a useful design idea.

Once you have receieved your search results the site gives you a break down on what to each for each meal throughout the day; breakfast, meal 1 and meal 2. (Of course depending on how many meals you wanted to eat.) If you are not happy with the results you can simply click refresh and a new meal will instantly pop up. furthermore if you are confused with the portion sizes the site will give you the option to change the values you are able to consume the food (grams, amount of slices, cups etc).

The site is genius, it's exactly what some people out there need right now to help them with these little goals in their lives. Seeing exactly what to eat instantly gives you a real insight to what foods carry the most calories, and a better understanding on portion sizes.

I will certainly going use this site in the future when I am stuck with the decision on what to eat.


MH x

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