Thursday, 16 August 2012

My night at Converse Represent with Pulled Apart By Horses

A few weeks back myself and Lauren were lucky enough to win tickets to attend a Converse Represent night at The 100 Club. We had tickets for the Overkil show, with Wet Nuns, The Safety Fire, Pulled Apart By Horses. The only band I was looking forward to see was of course, Pulled Apart By Horses, as I am a huge fan. With the venue being very small I was expecting to be blown away with their performance, and I was not wrong with this idea.

The band hit the stage hard, powering through their 30 minute set. The room gradually got hotter and hotter as the set progressed, and by the end of their set finishing with High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive the crowd went crazy, with a lot of people falling about into Tom Hudson and James Brown, it was an amazing performance. It made me realise how much I miss watching bands perform at such small venues, they are always such good fun. And how many years ago I used to be in a band performing in these small venues, it was such good fun. The 100 Club is a great venue for all this, the sound system was a very good quality (always helpful).

These Converse Represent nights have been put on because earlier this year The 100 Club was facing closure, however it was saved by a sponsorship deal with Converse. Converse then put on 9 shows at London's 100 Club, with a whole variety of bands; Blur, Best Coast and Rudimental, which were FREE! You just had to be lucky enough to win a ticket (Like me and Lauren)!

Here is a video filmed on the night, which features a few words from Tom and James from Pulled Apart By Horses. 

Did you apply for any of the Converse Represent nights, and lucky enough to go?

PS Before the night me and Lauren went to Bodeans (it was devine). Before going I Tweeted the lads asking if they wanted to join, unfortunately there was no reply :(

MH x 

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