Friday, 31 August 2012

Film Review Friday [Ted, 2012]

Upon walking into the cinema and sitting down I knew this film was going to be a good laugh, and I was going to watch it with an open mind, and I am glad to have made this decision.

Throughout the film the jokes keep on rolling along, and they are great, practically all the punch lines or remarks had the audience in uncontrollable laughter. Although, with some moments I could not help but notice we weren't laughing at the structure of the joke or the delivery, however the shear randomness of the jokes placement and theme, just being outrageous.

However, there are some moments the writing is very clever, making remarks to certain people, celebs and events in the media, which can always be a hit. It's great when writers set themselves aside and take a stab at things that no one else dare to touch, it is still funny in my mind, and think Seth executed this perfectly.

If you are fan or can tolerate Family Guy then you are definitely going to get on with this film just fine. The film just looks and feels exactly like any episode of Family Guy, as of course it was directed and written by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarland. The random scenes and jokes, and even the choice of music tick all the right boxes in the Family Guy category. This is not a bad thing, as I am sure a lot of people who have been watched the cartoon series have often wondered 'what if this was made into a live action version'. Of course this is not a complete recreation of the cartoon series, this film certainly feels like an extended episode, I know this is Seth's style of comedy, but it would have been interesting to see some new ideas.

The whole film is a great watch, and I would watch it again, but it would have to with mates accompanied by some beers and pizza. I don't see this being a classic comedy, purely because upon leaving the cinema I couldn't help but thing 'What was the point in that?' - But I am sure some people would argue this is what makes a great comedy.

Who knows...only time will tell.

MH x

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