Friday, 3 August 2012

Film Review Friday [The Dark Knight Rises, 2012]

Like everybody else I was very excited to find out the official release date for The Dark Knight Rises, I wasn't counting down the days, but still excited. Wednesday night (Orange Wednesdays of course) I finally watched the film.

The whole film was a fantastic and enjoyable watch, it has a long running time, however being so gripped to the film with the action sequences and visuals, the minutes rolled past without realising.

The stand out moments to the film was the new evil villain in town, Bane. Tom Hardy played this character exceptionally well,  you could just see the evil in his eyes, and his whole body language representing his tremendous strength, it just looked so believable. His altered voice sounded so menacing, adding to his evilness. However, I will say in some parts his voice sounded too altered giving the impression the sound bites were simply placed ontop of the video, and didn't look like it was coming from Tom Hardy, which was a shame.

The film ties in and finishes plot lines from the previous films, which was executed with some heavy dialogue. Which was nice to have in the film, as it added something else to the film, not simply an action packed made the film a more serious watch. A lot of these scenes adding to the films seriousness were between Bruce Wayne and Alfred, which I have to admit got a little tedious with Alfred delivering a continuous stream of heart warming, life changing speeches. It felt Christopher Nolan was making a hard attempting to make the audience think more, and take something personal away from the film.

The film hits hard with the ending climax sequences, showing Gotham City quite literally fall apart into rubble at the scenes. This was very powerful to watch on the big screen, again making the film a gripping watch. The stand out scene would clearly be the football pitch collapsing behind a player, it was a stunning scene to watch.

The whole film is filled with these stunning scenes, and with Bane the film will definitely be one to watch again and again when released onto DVD/Bluray.

MH x

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