Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday me and Lauren spent the whole time down in the New Forest to meet up with some my family, my dad with my stepmum and children were camping down their along with my cousin and his wife and son. They're were camping...well caravaning in a dog friendly site, therefore my dad and cousin had their dog's to accompany them, and by the looks of things they were both loving it.

Left, Alfie is my cousins dog
Right, Brecon is my dads

Both these dogs have been camping before, and we could tell, they were both friendly with each other, as if they were best buds, it was lovely to see. There was the occasional play fighting, but it was all in good spirit.

After we had some lunch upon arrival we visited the local small town of, Burely. This was a small stretch of road with nice little gift shops, which were full of witch items, and I am sure there was a couple of women hanging around who believed they were witches (I really don't believe in that stuff). Looking aside from this the town was very nice with great character, we had some wonderful as always, New Forest ice cream ( just as the rain started) and picked up some amazing homemade fudge (I can be an addict!).

Can't see the witches in this photo though.
Arriving back at the campsite (which was a former airfield during the war) we moved onto a playing field to fly some kites. I haven't flown a kite for at least 5 years and I was loving it, I had forgotten how fun they can be, once you get it right.

Boys and their toys!
Whilst flying these kites we were accompanied with the dogs. Only recently I have actually admitted to liking dogs, and I believe this has happened since being together with Lauren, who is a huge dog fan. I had a little go at walking Alfie around the field, and I really enjoyed it. He is very well behaved, and if I had my own dog I would make sure my dog was just the same (but this is years down the line).

We left the site late evening to get back to Laurens for Sunday. Where we spent the day chilling around her local town, Windsor. She showed me The Long Walk for the first time, which I thought was a really nice place to relax with a picnic in the sun. Accompanied with a good view of Windsor Castle. We realised we haven't visited that part of Windsor enough, and are planning to do it more often, especially with all the nice restaurants and pubs in the area.

Bank holiday Monday was spent with the Super Busy Chicks, but more on that at a later date!

Did you have a nice bank holiday weekend?

MH x

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