Thursday, 19 July 2012

Twitter can be fun and games

I joined Twitter back in 2008 during my first year of university, my intention was to utilise it as a tool to find contacts with a similar interest to me, and ultimately people that are interesting and dont post useless information (like you find on Facebook). My mission has been successful so far, I would say my dashboard feed is always interesting.

Recently I have discovered various Twitter accounts made purely for fun, and at first I thought they were a bit pathetic, taking the user experience away from how Twitter originated. Of course my snobby attitude has changed and I have found some that never fail to amuse me.

1. @MyTruelad
I am sure if you are a guy on the internet you would have definitely come across many LAD jokes, and this Twitter account is full of them to fill your dashboard feed throughout the day. A majority of the jokes are hilarious, and find myself Retweeting them instantly. 

It's clear this account is not officially the Queen, however this does not stop hilarity of this account. Again like MyTrueLad this account Tweets a lot during the day. Each Tweet is written as if the Queen was in charge of the account, and with that in mind it's hilarious. The most funniest experience with this account was during the Diamond Jubilee, so many hilarious Tweets throughout the occasion as if the Queen was hating her moment in the limelight. 

I discovered this account only last week, and I am already loving the concept. The 'I don't do jokes.' idea proves to be highly amusing in my books. The account Tweets a different spin on the typical jokes of the world, here are some of my favourite so far; 

All these accounts make my experience on Twitter a little more improved. Let me know if you follow any Twitter accounts like these, I am open to find more. 

MH x 


daisychain said...

So about to follow the Anti Joke Cat.

Matthew Hoare said...

Do that now, it's hilarious!