Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Food Spotting]

This app has been around for a year or so now (could be even more), and I had it on my iPhone for a month or so last year, until I found no more use for the app.

However, the other evening me and my girlfriend were going out for a meal after I had finished work. Throughout the day we were trying to decide on a nice bar or restaurant to eat at. Due to working in Soho I was looking to find somewhere a bit more exclusive and not a typical chain.

Upon looking on the app store I stumbled across Food Spotting, and remembered having it previously installed. I downloaded the app on the off chance, and straight away I discovered a steak house round the corner from my office, which I had never heard of.

The app is based on users submitting photos of their meals at certain restaurants all over the world. Of course you enter your location and you can search for places around you. Because these are all users submissions you tend to trust their judgements more...lets be honest, the general public are more truthful with their opinions.

Finding these new places to eat comes easy with the three tabs; Best, Nearby and Latest. You are just one click away (just like myself) from discovering something new. I believe I wouldn't have discovered the steak house if I didn't have the app. Unfortunately we didn't attend the restaurant, however I will definitely attend another night.

With the use photos you can instantly judge whether the place is going to be good or bad, the photos are more truthful compared to what you find in menus, and restaurant windows.

If you are completely stuck one evening on where to have dinner on a night out, then I certainly suggest you download Food Spotting. The user interface is quick and easy to use, and more importantly the design is really nice.

MH x

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