Monday, 9 July 2012

Tuesday's App Today [Google Chrome]

Ever since Google launched their own internet browser, Google Chrome for the desktop and laptops. I quickly jumped aboard the ship, and have been sailing with no complaints ever since. I have strong trust with Googles products, so had full confidence with their browser before release

If my memory is correct I got the browser before my first iPhone. Therefore upon purchasing the iPhone i looked on the app store for a Google Chrome app, as I had been against Safari all this time before. To my disappointment, it wasnt on offer.

I cannot believe it has taken all this time for Chrome to appear on the iPhone. Of course I am very happy to now see it on my phone, and like the laptop it has set in stone to replace me using Safari. It might just be my biased mind, but I do believe the browser works quicker than Safari. Furthermore I enjoy the UI, it looks more polished and a joy to use. The small but noticeable animations upon doing certain tasks look great, and so far don't slow down my phones performance. And I know it's a very small feature, but having the search bar and address all in one is perfect.

The recent tabs are great to see, as I use these a lot on the laptop. Pretty much this browser is just how I expected it to be for the iPhone, and I am very glad it is here. I just wonder what took them so long.

Have you switched over to Chrome?

MH x

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Abdul Qoyyuum Haji Abdul Kadir said...

Chrome is awesome. There's always a good app to use from the chrome webstore to make work or life easy.

Just to let you know, you can sign in to your version of Google Chrome so that whatever bookmarks, web apps and settings you have from your main Google Chrome, will be synced to your other Google Chromes. Imagine bookmarking on your laptop, then switch over to your Desktop to find your bookmark appear there for later reading. :)