Monday, 23 July 2012

The Weekend [21 + 22nd July]

Friday evening my mum and brother made the journey up to London to see my new flat, and spend a day out the following day. Lauren also joined in with the fun and games. The Friday night was chilled with a few beers and a Chinese takeaway, this was the first one in my new flat. I'll be honest and say it was terrible, so I wont be ordering from there again.

The Saturday was a full on day, we started off with trying to get a look at the Olympic stadium, of course was a difficult task. Luckily thanks for John Lewis in in the new Westfield's it was possible to get an improved view.

It actually looks amazing!
However, I was more excited with the
Lego version in John Lewis
I was glad to have finally seen the Olympic park, it all looks great. However I will definitely be staying clear during the Olympics. The Saturday we went was busy, so I dread to think how the area will be during the Olympics. Of course if I had the money I would certainly attend, and try and see a lot of event throughout how many weeks it's on with a VIP experience.

After a look around Stratford we headed off to one of my favourite parts of London, Shoreditch. As my brother was with me I wanted to show him around as he's never seen the area (I've already shown my mum). I think my brother enjoyed the feel of the area, with the nice architecture mixing old and new, and of course the great vintage shops. We arrived just after the Olympic torch had went through, therefore the atmosphere was fantastic. We ended the day in the Shoreditch chilling out on the Boxpark.

Sunday was a 'Super Busy Day'. We set up at a new location in Ealing to film the next batch of episodes for Super Busy Chicks. The day was extremely successful and I can't wait to show you these new episodes, thankfully the first one is only two days away. We have changed the format slightly, making the show look a lot more professional. It's all very exciting stuff. WATCH THIS SPACE. 

The new kitchen is great!
Wow that was a long post. 

MH x

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