Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The New MacBook Pro

This week I haven't managed to get hold of an app to give a review for my regular 'Tuesday's App Today'. However I am going to stick to the tech theme (Tuesday's may even just become tech posts) and write up my opinions about Apples new Macbook Pro.

I'll admit I have only recently looked into the new Macbook Pros, and of course I am blown away with their retina displays, the image quality is truly stunning to see. At first I was also highly impressed with how they have developed the laptop to slightly thinner in size, slowly approaching the thickness of the Mabook Airs. However, after realising they took out the whole disk drive to achieve these new slimmer lines, I was shocked. 

I have always understood the reason behind MacBook Airs to not have a disk drive, they are clearly for the type of person who is continuously in and out of meetings, and does not want to be carrying around a laptop of regularly weight and size. Therefore appealing towards a niche market in the business world. Macbook Pros, they too have a niche market of the create types, which is now slowly spilling over into the mainstream market, who are simply looking for a powerful laptop (to log into Facebook....which doesn't make sense to me). This is where I can not see how this growing market is going to respond when buying a laptop that does not come with a disk drive. Full stop. 

We are entering a new age where films and TV series can be streamed from online, and downloaded straight to your laptop, PC, games consoles and TVs....blah blah we hear it all the time. However, I can't help be realise there are a majority of people (including myself) who are pushing back this inevitable switch over to this lifestyle. It is still nice to sit in at home one evening look at your DVD collection and choose what film to sit down with a drink and some nibbles, and better still pop the DVD into your laptop and watch in the confort of your own bed.

Going back to the DVD collection, mine is still growing, and I still want to be growing it. When I finally get myself a real house with a mortgage I believe the lounge will have a wall dedicated to a collection of films, just like a bookcase. The colours of any collection will always look nice as a feature for a room. It will be sorry sight when these features could turn out to be no more.

I would love something like this in my home
I understand how computer games, and software after in less of a need for physical discs, however I still believe theres a market out there who will always want the physical release of a film, just like the market of people who still enjoy purchasing vinyl.

MH x

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